„We first meet us as strangers – but we leave as sisters“

The deep rooted mission of the Wild Woman Sisterhood is to gather woman in an equal community, where each woman can experience her uniqness and beauty as a divine feminine goddess. During this gathering you can meet your inner strengh and your wildness, you can meet yourself in the eyes of the other women, who you will finaly see as sisters of your heart. You don´t need to meet the other women neither as a rival nor a competitor, because you will see that we all are one! Although we are so different and made different experiences – we are right, just the way we are, and at the right point in our lives.

With this radical Acceptance, you will feel safe. And with that feeling, every woman can open their heart and get in touch with her own vulnerability and the radical love from the other women for exactly that. So it is possible to experience facets of yourself you barely knew or perhaps have never shown to others.Through this love you can heal old wounds and look deeper into your soul. This sisterhood, will nourished your soul with love and support. I need to say, that we were strangers first, but within two days, we deeply loved each other… that is pretty cool, huh?


And so we meet us, we meet colourful souls and start to see ourselvess in the beauty in the other women – we get to know ourselves better by getting to know the others. Things, we might feel ashamed of would be honoured by the others – so the connection was supported by this precoius vibration. And I´m so grateful for this infinite valuable experience in this community. It touched my soul deeply.

During the retreat, we reconnect with our feminine spirit, with it´s beauty and grace and also with all the things that don´t serve us, things, that hold us back from living to our full potential. We met our inner warrior and the strengh and power of our creativity. And we learned how to anchor this feelings in our body, so that we have access to them, whenever we need them. Every woman could show their authentic self, we got in touch with our bodies (our temples) and celebrated their uniqueness. We danced, laughed and cried toghether. We ate togehter, sang together, drummed together and we screamed… loudly! We cooked a transformation-soup with the very best ingredients to heal the world and to heal humanity. We blessed each other and so we blessed every woman . May you also be blessed.

I feel so grateful for all the love and acceptance, for all the new perceptions and wonderful connections to these different women. I am grateful to see myself in the eyes of the others, to keep others and to lean on others.


„Getting weird means, coming closer to our true self“

Back into reality (the daily life), I can appreciate everything. I feel nurished, refilled and whole. But something is different now – something is different in me. I feel weird – that´s ok, because that means that I am able to step out of the old and to shed my skin. I am able to be reborn in something new… a better me!

Because of this chaos insinde myself, I want to go into stillness – I want to treat myself well and get in touch with this weird feeling. Feeling old wounds healing, getting to know what to keep and what to lose. Focus on the things I really (and i mean really really) want to have in my live. This is a great need and I am going to give it to myself as a present.

In this time, there will be only one article each friday.

I am going to cover myself with fresh snow, and press my skin into earth. I am going to listen and harken to the whispering wisdom of my soul…. until next year.

May you have a wonderful Yuletime and reflective twelve nights. May you find your way into the new year.

With deep love



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